Super Game Kit - by Wall West

An awesome iOS game starter kit to help you
create your very own game for Apple App Store!

So you want to develop
your game for Apple App Store?

Well, you came to the right place!

Finally a light-weight game starter kit made specifically to help you
create, wire, publish and monetise games for iOS quickly and easily!

Super Game Kit

Not just any kit...
a Super Kit!

Made fo iOS

Created specifically for iOS
game development

Jump-start making games!

Start making your game
quickly and easily!

Save time!

Designed to save you weeks
of development time!

Publish your game!

Launch your game
to Apple App Store!

Generate income!

Monetise your game!


The Super Game Kit provides a one-stop-shop solution allowing game developers to create and bring games to the market super fast!

  • Generic light-weight game development kit for iOS
  • Easy to get started making games for Apple App Store
  • Pre-defined launch, menu, credits, shop and game scenes
  • User-interface (UI) transitions, buttons and flow
  • Special effects!
  • Layout management functions
  • Save game data storage with encryption
  • Game Center integration – leaderboards and achievements
  • In-app purchase processing
  • In-game analytics
  • Publisher-side advertising integration
  • Social sharing integration
  • Documentation, examples and know-how
  • Start making income with your game in no time!

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