Learn To Code YouTube Channel

Learn To Code YouTube Channel

We are happy to share the launch of our new learn to code YouTube channel. Yet another fantastic and  FREE way we are helping you learn to code online!

We will be initially focussing on creating supporting videos for our FREE online coding tutorials on our learn to code YouTube channel. Later, we will be adding other ad-hoc coding tutorials including how-to videos on learning coding as well as online monetisation. So stay tuned for that – not to be missed!

Most of us know the endless entertainment which online video can provide. More and more people are turning to video platforms like YouTube for e-learning purposes. What to learn something new? There is probably a YouTube channel for that! Best of all it is free and great for beginners.

YouTube is also the second most popular search engine in the world after Google. It contains a wealth of videos dedicated to online learning!

It’s just another great way to help you learn a new skill. So start learning to code by following our YouTube channel.

You can check out the current tutorial in the the series “How To Make Your Own Website” which has supporting videos for each of the modules. This helps bring the tutorials to life by showing you exactly how to code and get setup step-by-step! New modules with supporting videos are being added on a regular basis, so start working through the modules today! It is absolutely free.

Click here to check out our learn to code YouTube channel and make sure to subscribe for future videos!

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If you have any comments or suggestions on our new learn to code YouTube channel then please use the comment section below! If you would like any specific content to be covered then do let us know!

Happy Coding!