Designing and Coding TrainRush! Game App for iPhone

Wall West Studio

It all started with a train ride to work a few months ago.

I looked around to see most fellow passengers playing simple games on their mobile phones to pass the time and avoid any awkward eye contact! There was a frenzy of flicking, swiping, tilting and so on!

Being a programmer and a keen gamer myself, I decided to make a game there and then. The inspiration for the game was right there in front of me too! I decided to design and code a simple 2D game app for iPhone which revolved around flicking passengers onto arriving trains. I called the game TrainRush! The game would get progressively harder with obstacles and power-ups. It was just an idea at the time and I would need to design, build and publish it!

Once you decide to code a game app, there are 100 thoughts and questions racing through your mind! What will it look like? How will the scoring system work? How to make it difficult but fun? Should it have a leaderboard? How to make it work with different screen sizes? And so on! I started getting some basic designs down and the game started to take shape from there…

In total, the game took around 4 weeks to develop and test.

Early Passenger Designs

They were pretty bad…

passenger 1

passenger 2

passenger 3

passenger 4

passenger 5

passenger 6

passenger 7

Final passenger design:

passenger final

Going from Idea to App Store!

The original sketch…

TrainRush! Concept

And here is the finished product!

TrainRush! screenshot

TrainRush! Game App is Available To Download on App Store

Download on the App Store