Trademindx – Machine Learning Platform for Cryptocurrency Trading

Trademindx - Machine Learning Platform for Cryptocurrency Trading

Get the edge in cryptocurrency trading!

Introducing my new project: Trademindx – a platform that aims to facilitate daily trading decisions through applied natural-language processing, sentiment analysis and machine learning algorithms. Built as a micro-services based distributed architecture, its primarily function is to analyse large volumes of data and provide clear trading indicators to the client in real-time.

Simply put, Trademindx crunches huge amounts of data and tells you which cryptocurrencies to invest in for maximum returns. 

The system combines natural-language processing, sentiment analysis and machine learning algorithms to classify large volumes of data into clear (buy, sell or hold) trading decisions in real-time. The default approach is implemented using a maximum entropy algorithm with feedback, which applies a multinomial logistic regression model to categorise data and continually improve accuracy.

It is currently being developed specifically for cryptocurrency applications starting with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and all other altcoins with a large market capitalisation (more that $100mm).

Find out more about the Trademindx project on!

Boxy Boxing – FREE on iOS – Preview Trailer

Wall West Studio

Boxy Boxing is coming to iOS in just a few short days! Here is a sneak preview trailer and a few screenshots!

Probably the most fun boxing game ever!

Land headshots to score points and knock your opponent out to win.

Two players, one screen. Local multiplayer.

Tap your side of the screen to control your boxer.



Boxy Boxing

Boxy Boxing

Boxy Boxing

Boxy Boxing

Boxy Boxing Coming Soon To iOS!

Boxy Boxing

Announcing Wall West game studio’s latest mobile game – Boxy Boxing! Check out the concept art below.

Boxy Boxing – It’s a Knock Out!

Boxy Boxing
Boxy Boxing
Boxy Boxing Icon
Boxy Boxing Icon
Early Concept Art
Early Concept Art
Boxy Boxing Concept Art
Boxy Boxing Concept Art
Boxy Boxing Work In Progress
Boxy Boxing Work In Progress

Further Details

Probably the most fun boxing game ever!

Knock your opponent out to win. Simple.

2 players one screen.

Release Date

End of July exclusively on iOS!



*Game title and content subject to change before release.

Copyright Wall West Ltd 2017. All rights reserved.

Learn To Code YouTube Channel

Learn To Code YouTube Channel

We are happy to share the launch of our new learn to code YouTube channel. Yet another fantastic and  FREE way we are helping you learn to code online!

We will be initially focussing on creating supporting videos for our FREE online coding tutorials on our learn to code YouTube channel. Later, we will be adding other ad-hoc coding tutorials including how-to videos on learning coding as well as online monetisation. So stay tuned for that – not to be missed!

Most of us know the endless entertainment which online video can provide. More and more people are turning to video platforms like YouTube for e-learning purposes. What to learn something new? There is probably a YouTube channel for that! Best of all it is free and great for beginners.

YouTube is also the second most popular search engine in the world after Google. It contains a wealth of videos dedicated to online learning!

It’s just another great way to help you learn a new skill. So start learning to code by following our YouTube channel.

You can check out the current tutorial in the the series “How To Make Your Own Website” which has supporting videos for each of the modules. This helps bring the tutorials to life by showing you exactly how to code and get setup step-by-step! New modules with supporting videos are being added on a regular basis, so start working through the modules today! It is absolutely free.

Click here to check out our learn to code YouTube channel and make sure to subscribe for future videos!

learn to code youtube

If you have any comments or suggestions on our new learn to code YouTube channel then please use the comment section below! If you would like any specific content to be covered then do let us know!

Happy Coding!

Learn To Code London Shifting To Online Learning

Learn To Code London

It’s been busy since we started in 2015!

We have engaged with many of you through 1-2-1 private tuition, bootcamp sessions and of course through great online learning resources. In 2016, we included corporate training days to our Code Academy offering.

During that time, we have also focussed on developing games, websites and providing consulting services through our Wall West studio brand.

During 2017, our focus we will be shifting more to online resources – in the form of tutorials, eBook, tools and more. We will still run occasional bootcamps and corporate training days but these will be a little bit more rare. This decision is mainly driven by the demand for our content to be available worldwide and accessible to more people who want to learn to code.

You check out our first FREE online tutorial on “How To Make Your Own Website”!

We will still continue to recommend great online courses in collaboration with our partners, bringing you special discount offers and early bird coupons!

We will also be launching Super Game Kit which will make is super easy for new game developers to create and publish games for iOS!

That’s it for this update. Stay tuned for many exciting new changes during 2017!

As usual, we would welcome any feedback and hope you stay with us during 2017 continuing learning and developing.