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Corporate Training Specifically Designed For Business Clients

We offer corporate training and short talk sessions. The courses are structured as an introduction to coding for absolute beginners.

The corporate training course can be delivered as a presentation only or with practical elements included for your team. Our corporate training serves as a fun team building exercise, as well as increasing technological awareness!

The pace of change in technology is staggering. A basic understanding of coding used to be a relevant skill to have. Now it is necessary. Emerging technologies are creating new opportunities in every sector from mobile apps to finance. Moreover technology is disrupting those sectors.

The corporate training course is designed to give a basic introduction to coding specifically to business clients. The course also explores different ways of coding, taking you on a journey from the past and into to the future. We take a sneak peek at new unexpected ways technology might shape the future.

The content has been specifically tailored to educate, inspire and provoke new ways of thinking about technology.

Benefits Of Coding Corporate Training

  • Fun team building exercise!
  • Something different to normal corporate training
  • Develop employee skills in a new direction
  • Gain a better understanding of what colleagues in technology teams actually do
  • Improved communication with technology teams in your organisation leading to increased productivity
  • Having an awareness of technology will improve performance in almost every area

Sample Corporate Training Schedule

Here is a sample schedule of a 4 hour training session introducing web technologies. This our most popular corporate training course.


The course is designed to give a basic introduction to web technologies specifically to corporate clients. The course starts with basic fundamentals focusing on HTML and CSS but also touches on other key areas such as Java Script, front-end frameworks, 3rd party plug-ins, open source libraries, growth hacking and analytics.

We also introduce shortcuts by using freely available tools to get you up and running quickly.

The second part of the course focuses on practical hands-on coding getting attendees designing, coding and collaborating to build their first web page.

  • The magic of code
  • Introduction to general coding principles
  • Basics of web programming
  • Introduction to HTML
  • Styling web pages with CSS
  • Making web pages dynamic with Java Script
  • Embedding 3rd party plug-ins and open source libraries
  • Introduction to Bootstrap
  • Coding examples and demonstration
  • Team based tutorial
  • Q & A

Technologies covered

HTML, CSS, Java Script, Bootstrap


Bespoke Corporate Training Courses

Additionally, bespoke corporate coding courses can be designed to suit any specific needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Please refer to pricing section for all our pricing information.

Free, No Obligation Consultation

If you are interested in booking a corporate training course, please do not hesitate contact us to discuss your requirements.

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