Code Bootcamps

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Code Bootcamps Are Designed To Get You Started With Coding Quickly

All code bootcamps are run over 2 days, typically over a weekend and are based in London. We are now running each bootcamp on an ad-hoc basis roughly twice per year.

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Code bootcamps are structured as an introduction to coding with practical hands-on programming tutorials to get you coding as quickly as possible.

Why Sign Up To Our Code Bootcamps?

The pace of change in technology is staggering. A basic understanding of coding used to be a relevant skill to have. Now it is necessary. Emerging technologies are creating new opportunities in every sector from mobile apps to finance.

Being able to code is such a relevant skill to have today! Imagine being able to build your own website, building an online business or working on a startup? Or perhaps being able to create a new mobile app or game? That would be absolutely awesome!

Our code bootcamps are challenging but you will be fully supported throughout your journey. The uniquely designed agenda combining talks, discussions and hands-on programming tutorials means you will achieve the very best kick start to coding!

We offer code bootcamps taught in plain English and build a strong foundation from the ground up, giving you the confidence to start coding and getting creative from day one.

The course is designed to give a basic introduction to coding specifically for beginners. All courses are held in small bootcamp style classes of 10 to 20 students

Our Code Bootcamps

“Start Coding With Java”

  • No prior coding experience required
  • Learn Object Oriented programming
  • Java (Standard Edition) based
  • Introduction to FREE tools to make coding easy!
  • Start coding on day one!

“Start Creating Websites”

  • No prior coding experience required
  • Covers web programming
  • XHTML, CSS based
  • Introduction to Bootstrap and WordPress
  • Launch your own website!

“Getting Started With iOS Apps”

  • No prior coding experience required
  • *Learn how to code apps in Xcode
  • Objective-C based
  • **Create your first iOS app!

Benefits Of Participating In Our Code Bootcamps

  • Get a fast introduction to coding
  • Start coding on day one
  • Be part of a team
  • Learn in small focussed groups of like minded individuals
  • Get support from an experienced developer with over 20 years experience

Additional Requirements For Code Bootcamps

Practice is essential to getting up to speed with coding. To enable you to participate fully in practical tutorial sessions and to allow us to offer such competitive prices we require that you bring your own laptop (and charger) to all our code bootcamps which meets the minimum system requirements outlined below.


  • Microsoft Windows 8/7/Vista/XP OR Mac OS X 9 or higher
  • *IOS APPS! course requires Mac
  • **Publishing requires Apple Developer Program
  • 2 GB RAM minimum
  • 2 GB free hard disk space
  • 1024 by 768 screen resolution or higher


Please refer to pricing section for all our pricing information including code bootcamps.

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