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About Learn to Code London (LTCL)
Learn. Code. Monetise.

Learn to Code London (LTCL) is a small code academy offering online code courses, code bootcamps, corporate training days and private 1-2-1 tuition for people wanting to get into and learn programming. We are based in London.


Being able to code is such a relevant skill to have today! Imagine being able to build your own website, building an online business or working on a startup? Or perhaps being able to create a new mobile app or game? That would be absolutely awesome!

Our coding courses are challenging but you will be fully supported throughout your journey. The uniquely designed agenda combining talks, discussions and hands-on programming tutorials means you will achieve the very best kick start to coding!

We offer programming classes taught in plain English and build a strong foundation from the ground up, giving you the confidence to start coding and getting creative from day one.

On this website you will find a variety of resources from recommended online coding courses to private 1-2-1 hands on programming tuition to blog posts on useful free tools and free tutorials.

Our content is constantly being updated and improved too!

Since 2017 our focus has shifted more to online coding courses.

About Wall West
When Code Becomes Art

Wall West is an independent micro development studio based in London. Founded in 2015 by Alex Petlenko to focus on developing iOS games and born out of a life-long passion for video games. Our main game release for 2016 is George: Scared Of The Dark.

Wall West

The name of the studio – “Wall West” – is inspired by building a wall or a foundation brick by brick, one small step at a time, chipping away at something that you are passionate about.

Wall West also offers bespoke web design and consulting services.

People often say:

Those That Can, Do; Those That Can’t, Teach!

We want to flip that notion on its head! We do both.

Our core dream is to have a permanent in-house development team working on cool and exciting tech projects. We can then look to offer future students the opportunity to join our team on course completion, creating a more coherent code academy model with much more cross-over between learning and employment.

About Alex


Alex’s coding career started one Christmas when he was a teenager. Being a video gamer, he asked his dad for a Super NES console.


When it came to the day, Alex woke up to find a Commodore 64 personal computer!


Oblivious to Alex’s disappointment, Alex’s dad simply said “You can make your own games with this!”. Alex was hooked! He learnt BASIC programming language that same week and never looked back.

Programming has been a way of life ever since.

You can make your own games with this!

Alex is a software developer with over 20 years experience and is based in London, UK.

Having gained a masters in Software Engineering from Imperial College London, Alex went on to build a successful career as a technologist working at a number of major corporations.​ Code he has written processes thousands of transactions every day in mission critical systems throughout the world!

Alex now works as a freelancer developer. Alex runs “Learn To Code London” – running code bootcamps, 1-1 private tuition and corporate training days!  Alex loves helping people get started with coding! Alex also has his own game studio called “Wall West” and has published a number of games on Apple App Store.​

Alex has a huge interest in coding, artificial intelligence, natural-language processing, financial markets, value-investing and cryptocurrencies. He is also a keen gamer.

Alex founded LTCL and Wall West in 2015.

To your coding success!


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