George: What the Reviewers Had To Say

Wall West Studio

It’s been a busy launch week for George: Scared Of The Dark. We got featured in over 150 countries on the App Store and got plenty of press coverage online!

Here are some top quotes:

“The best platformer on mobile?”
– PocketGamer

“Buy George: Scared of the Dark. I dare you.”
– Snappzilla

“In a scary way it’s kinda like Guitar Hero!”
– Review Fix

“Charming visuals… with some brutal difficultly”
– Pookybox

“You’re gonna die a lot”
– HeyPoorPlayer

“Doesn’t leave much room to breathe”
– Bit Cultures

“A lot more challenging than it looks”
– Gamemob

“This is a challenging platformer — even by console standards”
– Invision Community

“An ending you will never expect”
– Fanboynation

“Surprisingly difficult”

“We could say it’s do or die…”
– Gaming Cypher

“There is no easy mode”
– Fangirlnation

– Horror World

“Delivers a spooky adventure!”
– Bio Game Girl

“Challenging, fun, with a captivating plot”
– Download3K

“Addictive due to it’s relatively unforgiving difficult”
– GameReviewsAU

“Overall: 8/10”
– Squackle

“You won’t be disappointed.”
– TheAppTimes

“New and original gameplay experience”
– iPhoneItalia

“One of the most enjoyable indie games this season”
– Game Princess

Massive thanks to everyone who helped spread the word about George during launch week!

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George: Scared Of The Dark

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