What Are The Best Programming Languages To Learn?

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As a programmer, people often ask me “what are the best programming languages to learn these days?”.

Frequently, these questions come from those just starting out learning coding and don’t know what are the best programming languages to learn.

People may also throw in a few buzzwords that they have heard, like “I heard Ruby on Rails is hot right now!”. Seriously I would not start with Ruby on Rails!

Here are the best programming languages to learn and a few other useful tips thrown in along the way!


My top tip is to start with web programming. You don’t need much, just a text editor and a web browser. You don’t even have to be connected online to start! My favourite text editor at the moment is Sublime. It’s fast, highlights syntax for you, has predictive text and best of all it is free.

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Web programming is all about learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript (JS) in that order. JS is more advanced and is best left to the end, once you are comfortable with HTML and CSS.

Once you got the basics with HTML you will be good to go and start creating a web page or even a full site with several linked pages! However with CSS you will probably feel a bit of pain after a while to get the layout and look you may want!

Time To Cheat

Once you got HTML, CSS and JS basics, it’s time to cheat with frameworks! Check out Bootstrap which is an HTML, CSS and JS front-end framework. It started out being developed at Twitter and has since branched out to become one of the most popular front-end frameworks for web development.

best programming languages to learn

The great thing about Bootstrap is that it is free, customisable and also has a wealth of themes you can use. Once you know the basics of HTML, CSS and JS you can get a Bootstrap theme and customise it to really make it your own. I used Bootstrap for the main page of the LTCL site.

Adding Widgets

Once you got the basics of front-end web programming and with a bit of cheating you will be able to create great looking pages but you will probably notice a problem in that they will be fairly static – with just text and images. You can use third-party widgets and integrate them into your site to give you more functionality. For example, to add an email subscription form you can use MailChimp. Once you sign-up they will give you a snippet  of code to embed into your page. Easy!

Additionally, you will probably also want to integrate Google Analytics, again the process is the same. Sign-up, follow the process, get a snippet of code and copy-paste it into your site!


For more advanced and custom functionality you will need to consider back-end programming to bring your site to life! There are many options here like Python, PHP or Ruby. If you don’t want to learn back-end programming you can use WordPress to give you a huge amount of functionality through it’s library of plugins. This blog you are reading is running on WordPress.


Java is one of the most popular languages out there and it’s great for beginners too! I highly recommend it as a starting point for more serious programming. It’s also used for Android development so you can develop apps with it too.

FREE Resources

Here are a few free resources and tutorials to get you started with learning to code with the best programming languages.

I hope this blog post has helped point you in the right direction!

Be sure to check out our recommended online learning courses to continue learning and practicing!


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