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George: Scared Of The Dark – Build Progress (Part 2)

George: Scared Of The Dark

Build progress of our new game George: Scared Of The Dark (Part 2).

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Check out the homepage and Press Kit!

BUILD LOG (Part 2)

18 // MAR // 2016
  • Another sneak peek trailer released check it out below
  • Level 1 now refined with tutorial
  • Added new “jumping slime” enemies into the game
  • End game cut scene completed! It’s quite moving!
  • Improved game home page
  • Added game to SlideDB
  • Aim is now to focus on fine tuning levels 1, 2 and 3 next week and submitting the game to IndieCade!

10 // MAR // 2016
  • Good progress overall but a bit of scope creep
  • I decided to delay the release to end of June to give more time to refine the game and raise awareness
  • Started working on the end game cut scene – it’s looking good! All will be revealed!
  • Big improvements to story and game description
  • Updated Press Kit
  • Oh and my article about starting my own game studio was well-received on Gamasutra, Twitter and Reddit! You can check it out here.
08 // MAR // 2016
  • Level 1 refined with a tutorial!
  • Level 8 completed. That leaves 2 more levels plus bonus level.
  • Lot’s of general art improvements
  • Added sunset effects for all levels
  • Cut scene improvements
  • New play through video published to YouTube for level 8
  • Massive amount of screenshots below!

Ghost Dash Screenshot

Ghost Dash Screenshot

Ghost Dash Screenshot

Ghost Dash Screenshot

Ghost Dash Screenshot

Ghost Dash Screenshot

Ghost Dash Screenshot

Ghost Dash Screenshot

Ghost Dash Screenshot

Ghost Dash Screenshot

Ghost Dash Screenshot

Ghost Dash Screenshot

Ghost Dash Screenshot

Ghost Dash Screenshot

Ghost Dash Screenshot

Ghost Dash Screenshot

Ghost Dash Screenshot

Ghost Dash Screenshot

07 // MAR // 2016
  • The game is around 50% complete with most of the heavy coding done
  • Hopefully the next few weeks it should be easier to leverage the code already in place
  • 4 more levels remain to be built (out of total of 11)
  • Next few weeks will focus on developing power-ups for the game!
  • A lot of time this week was spent trying to pin down a memory leak in Sprite Kit *grumble* *$%£^”&* *sigh*
  • Levels 1 to 7 are now completed
  • Game Center integration with leaderboard added
  • Added different death effects!

Ghost Dash Screenshot

Also, had a few issues with procedural generation! 🙂

Ghost Dash Screenshot

05 // MAR // 2016
  • Work continues at a good pace!
  • I’m starting to feel the burn but fighting through it, this is for sure the most complex game I’ve attempted to date
  • Scoring system is now complete
  • Improvements to physics
  • Level 6 complete
  • Starting to work on level 7
  • A video of level 6 game play is on YouTube!
  • Plus here is a selection of the latest screenshots!
  • I would also appreciate any feedback

Ghost Dash Screenshot

Ghost Dash Screenshot

Ghost Dash Screenshot

Ghost Dash Screenshot

03 // MAR // 2016
  • Massive progress in the last few days spurred on by some positive feedback!
  • In-game economy finalised and implemented
  • Daily rewards added
  • Difficulty balancing improved on 3 jumping levels
  • Cut scenes finalised
  • Game over scene finalised
  • Power-ups selection scene finalised
  • App icon finalised
  • General tweaks and improvements
  • Next on the to do list is implementing power-up abilities!
  • We got a few press mentions, firstly with the Indie Game Club being featured on Live Cards and then Ghost Dash on Independent Game Community (IGC) News.
  • Again, I am keen to get the game featured on blogs, vlogs and review sites and raise pre-launch awareness, so if you can help with this, then please get in touch!

Ghost Dash Power Up Boosts

Ghost Dash Icon

28 // FEB // 2016
  • It’s been a busy few days and lots of general progress on the game!
  • We now have the game homepage up and running
  • The Press Kit has been prepared to make it easy to write about the game
  • Development has mainly been on power-ups/boosts for George to use
  • HUD refinements made
  • In-game rewards setup
  • In-game menus are now complete
  • Screenshots of Ghost Dash have generally been well received on Twitter this Saturday’s!
  • I am keen to get the game featured on blogs, vlogs and review sites and raise pre-launch awareness, so if you can help with this, then please get in touch!

And a few older tweets

23 // FEB // 2016
  • Check out the level 4 game play video!

22 // FEB // 2016
  • Level 4 completed
  • Art assets and look and feel further improved
  • A few screenshots below
  • Submitted the game to RunJumpDev! and Game Happens!




18 // Feb // 2016
  • Added music for all 10 levels
  • Made cut scene improvements
  • Added weather effects
  • Published a sneak peek trailer on YouTube!

16 // Feb //2016
  • And… we are back on track with development of Ghost Dash
  • It’s still looking like a (late) Spring iOS release
21 // Dec // 2015
  • This is the last update this year!
  • It’s looking like a Spring 2016 release date for Ghost Dash: Scared Of The Dark
  • The game will be an iOS exclusive
  • Lots of general improvements and addition of a ton of art assets
  • Level 3 is now complete – here is a sneak preview!
  • Happy holidays!

18 // Dec // 2015
  • The TODO list is pretty huge now!
  • It’s looking like a March release date for iOS
  • Defined in-game rewards system
  • Improvements to level generation algorithms
  • Code refactoring to break game up into separate scenes including cut scenes
  • Level 3 coding – 90%
  • Working on further enhancing art assets for the game:
    • Added 6 terrains
    • Added 2 backgrounds
    • Added 2 foregrounds
    • Added 3 weather systems
    • Added 9 level decoration sets (e.g. trees, bushes, mushrooms)
    • Added 6 under level decorations (e.g. roots, plants)


12 // Dec // 2015
  • Spent a lot of time on UI/UX flow
  • General polishing and improvements to the look and feel of the game


7 // Dec // 2015
  • Refining level generation and movement, looks pretty smooth now!

4 // Dec // 2015
  • Been working on generating good looking levels
    • Art assets prepared
    • Added 2 different mountain ranges
    • Added 2 different foregrounds
    • Added floating clouds
    • Added custom font labels


2 // Dec // 2015
  • Game design completed
    • In game economy defined
    • Leaderboard setup
    • In-app purchases setup
    • 10 level challenges designed
    • Bonus level designed
    • Scoring system defined
    • Power-ups designed
  • Game art assets prepared
  • Basic Xcode project template setup
  • Oh and a very basic George is on the screen jumping about!

16 // NOV // 2016

It all started with a jam! Ghost Dash: Scared Of The Dark evolved from an entry to Procedural Generation Jam 2015.

Originally called “Mountains That We Climb”, the mini project took one day to create and experimented with generating 2D scenes with simple mountains, clouds and changing weather systems. The jam entry got good feedback on its strong visual aesthetics.

Mountains That We Climb

Is 2016 The Year Indie Games Go Epic?

Blog Post

Indie games have come a long way. And 2016 might be the year when they go epic!

It used to be the case that indie games were very small scale. Often made by very small teams or one man studios, indie games used to be cheaply priced titles for a niche market. You could usually tell if a game was “indie” just by looking at the game’s trailer. There were exceptions but they were usually few and far between.

Not anymore! We are only a few months into 2016 and we have already seen indie games go for broke! 2016 could be the year when indie games go mass and become almost indistinguishable from big studio games.

Here are a few major indie releases that have really been catapulted into the limelight! And the best thing about them? They are breakthrough titles from relatively unknown small studios.


A highly stylised minimalist first-person shooter with a unique “time moves only when you do” mechanic.

No Man’s Sky

A game of epic proportions. No Man’s Sky is a game about exploration and survival in an infinite procedurally generated galaxy.

It’s certainly going to be an exciting year for indie games!