100 Most Successful Game Studios by Revenue, Reviews and Industry Standing

News Update

The 10th anniversary edition once again ranks the world’s most successful studios, this time more comprehensively than ever before.

Taking into account revenues generated, retail sales, review scores and industry standing, this publication lists the most bankable developers across all platforms.

It’s an insightful read! The variation in revenue is huge even in the top hundred studios ranging from $25m to $2b. What struck me most was how unique each studio really is. The distribution platforms, number of games, partnerships, monetization strategies, target demographics – they all vary. It is also clear that mobile games are outperforming some of the major console studios and in my opinion this trend will only continue.

Check out Develop 100 – The Studio Hot List.


George: Scared Of The Dark – Build Progress

George: Scared Of The Dark

Build progress of our new game George: Scared Of The Dark.

George: Scared Of The Dark is out now on App Store!

Download on the App Store


Join George on his epic adventure!

George: Scared Of The Dark is a classic platformer adventure that follows George the Ghost as he sets out on his quest to battle his fear of the dark across an uncharted, and at times, eerie world.

A ghost who is afraid of the dark? Yikes! Help George conquer his fear in this charming platform game. Overcome 10 unique challenges, guided by a mysterious spirit and guide George to safety. Jump into the instantly fun game play and watch the story unravel. Discover the lighthouse and find out who lives in the small cottage.

Can you help George before his fear gets the best of him?

– Play through 10 procedurally generated levels
– Each level is different every time!
– Master 3 power-up abilities
– Unlock 3 additional characters
– Intuitive touch and swipe controls
– Heartwarming story about conquering fears with a unique ending

Make no mistake, despite its cute appearance, this is a challenging game.
There is no easy mode.
It’s do or die.
You have been warned…




I wanted to create a game that was more than just a casual mobile game. I wanted it have more depth, mystery and story. In particular, I wanted the game to feel atmospheric, for the player to be temporarily immersed into the magic of the game world. At it’s core, I wanted it to have a central theme of overcoming challenges and conquering fears.


Check out the game homepage and Press Kit!


25 // SEP // 2016
  • Been a while since the last update! The game has been out for about 2 months now and it has been exciting to see people playing and enjoying it!
  • Currently working on a Halloween expansion level called “Light The Way” which will be an infinite runner level with lots of skulls to collect and a unique game play mechanic! Oh did I mention, the expansion will be free? It will be free!
  • A few bug fixes will also go into version 4.0 including improved controls and smoother camera tracking!
  • Version 4.0 will be out on Halloween – 31/10/2016
  • The game is also currently on 50% off sale for just $0.99!
  • I’m also thinking of creating a George: Scared Of The Dark iMessage sticker pack for Halloween, so stay tuned!
Light The Way
Light The Way
29 // JUL // 2016
  • George got a fair bit of press during launch week and here are some top mentions!

“The best platformer on mobile?”
– PocketGamer

“Buy George: Scared of the Dark. I dare you.”
– Snappzilla

“In a scary way it’s kinda like Guitar Hero!”
– Review Fix

“Charming visuals… with some brutal difficultly”
– Pookybox

“You’re gonna die a lot”
– HeyPoorPlayer

“Doesn’t leave much room to breathe”
– Bit Cultures

“A lot more challenging than it looks”
– Gamemob

“This is a challenging platformer — even by console standards”
– Invision Community

“An ending you will never expect”
– Fanboynation

“Surprisingly difficult”

“We could say it’s do or die…”
– Gaming Cypher

“There is no easy mode”
– Fangirlnation

– Horror World

“Delivers a spooky adventure!”
– Bio Game Girl

“Challenging, fun, with a captivating plot”
– Download3K

“Addictive due to it’s relatively unforgiving difficult”
– GameReviewsAU

“Overall: 8/10”
– Squackle

“You won’t be disappointed.”
– TheAppTimes

“New and original gameplay experience”
– iPhoneItalia

“One of the most enjoyable indie games this season”
– Game Princess

19 // JUL // 2016
16 // JUL // 2016
  • It’s really nice when a game is finished, everything gets wrapped up and is ready to be released into the wild!
  • The release date got pushed back by one day to 19th July
  • The game will be shown at Radius Game Festival in Vienna on 23rd July!
  • Overall I’m very happy with the final product and hope players will enjoy this game!
  • And the very first gameplay video appeared on YouTube which was super cool! Check it out!

23 // JUN // 2016
  • The game is FINISHED!
  • The website is FINISHED!
  • The trailer is FINISHED!
  • The presskit is FINISHED!
  • Everything is FINISHED!
  • We have a release date of 18th July to give time for some final testing and launch preparation!
  • If you have followed this build then thank you!
  • The game was selected to showcase at Intel Buzz Workshop which went really well and everyone enjoyed playing it!
  • The game was also selected to showcase at Radius Game Festival Vienna in July so this will be a great opportunity to show it in it’s final state just after launch!
  • So stay tuned and check it out on the App Store on release day!
Tap To Start Adventure
Tap To Start Adventure
15 // JUN // 2016
  • Been a while since the last update! Over a month actually!
  • Massive push to get everything finalised and release the game at the moment.
  • All the loose ends are pretty much done and latest build of the game is currently being tested.
  • Looks like a mid July release so stay tuned!

George: Scared Of The Dark

29 // APR // 2016
  • Focus has been mainly on polish and getting the game ready for launch.
  • There have also been a few major changes!
  • After much deliberation I decided to make the game premium and not free. The reason for that is I didn’t want the game cluttered with adverts and forceful in-app purchases. This is also most likely the only chance I will get this year to release a premium game and experiment with that side of the market! It will be priced towards the lower end of the price range so hopefully won’t put anyone off who has been looking forward to playing it! Fingers crossed!
  • I also decided to hold the bonus level back for now and release it later to give more time to refine it. Probably in time for Halloween!
  • Another big change is  that I decided to rename the game to make it more character focussed! The new name is George: Scared Of The Dark. With a new name I also decided to change the game icon to feature George.
  • Changing a game name is hard because the name has been used all over the place already! So I cannot really change it everywhere now, so it will only be changed in the key places – the App Store, blog, home page, press kit etc.
  • I also published a new release trailer (but it uses the old name – doh!) – I will need to change it later but you can check it out below!
  • Additionally there is an iOS preview trailer and screenshots which will be used on the App Store app page. Check it all out below!
  • It looks like an early July release at the moment so stay tuned!
New Icon
New Icon!
App Store Screenshot 1
App Store Screenshot 1
App Store Screenshot 2
App Store Screenshot 2
App Store Screenshot 3
App Store Screenshot 3
App Store Screenshot 4
App Store Screenshot 4
App Store Screenshot 5
App Store Screenshot 5

22 // APR // 2016
  • The first full alpha build of the game is finally ready and it feels like a massive weight has been lifted! After over 4 months of hard work it has come together and the game is looking great!
  • I’ve shown the game to a few indie game developers and feedback has been positive!
  • 19 achievements have been added too.
  • Focus will now shift to testing, getting feedback, bug fixes and polishing everything off.
  • I also did a lot of work on camera smoothing to make sure the camera follows George naturally and without jitter.
  • A few pics as usual!
  • Happy Friday guys!
Ghost Dash Screenshot
Ghost Dash Screenshot
Ghost Dash Screenshot
Ghost Dash Screenshot
Alpha testing!
15 // APR // 2016
  • Good progress this week!
  • All 10 game levels are now complete and ready to go!
  • I’m going to work on the bonus level next week.
  • Shaders unfortunately run really slow on older devices so I had to pull them out.
  • Added 3 unlockable in-game characters. One will be community designed – see below for competition!
  • I felt some power-ups were not really necessary, so I have trimmed them down to “Jumper”, “Overshield” and “Fireborn”.
  • “Fireborn” looks really cool leaving a trail of destruction behind you!
  • The game is looking great and game play is really fun, so I am looking forward to getting it out there.
  • I’m running a competition for an in-game character with some great prizes, check it out here!
  • As usual here are  a few screenshots!
Ghost Dash Screenshot
Working hard creating Ghost Dash!
Ghost Dash Screenshot
Look Out!
Ghost Dash Screenshot
Up We Go!
Ghost Dash Screenshot
08 // APR // 2016
  • It’s been a busy week!
  • Been collecting more early feedback and making further incremental improvements
  • The final level, level 10, is now complete. It’s quite a barren level with creepy grey platforms, huge jumps to leap across and really cool pumpkin heads!
  • Spent some time experimenting with shaders and lighting/shadow effects. Lighting is tricky in a 2D game so I am keeping it to a minimum.
  • I am also reviewing the final scope for the game and making a few changes. I am looking to cut some of the power-ups in the final game because some of them just do not feel necessary any more. I may add some playable extra characters however!
  • Also submitted the game to BitSummit!
  • As usual here are some screenshots!

Ghost Dash Screenshot

Ghost Dash Screenshot

Ghost Dash Screenshot

Ghost Dash Screenshot

Ghost Dash Screenshot

01 // APR // 2016
  • This week has been mostly about getting feedback and making improvements!
  • Controls are now more natural and responsive
  • Split out tutorial into a separate shorter level
  • Finished level 9 which is a level where bats chase George! It’s SO hard but really funny and keeps you on the edge of your seat!
  • Spent today playing around with shaders in SpriteKit, a powerful feature but very fiddly! Check out the magnetic storm and the sunrise effects in the last two images. The great thing is about using shaders is that the performance overheads are very low for great effects!
  • Finally, here are a few screenshots!

Ghost Dash Screenshot

Ghost Dash Screenshot

Ghost Dash Screenshot

Ghost Dash Screenshot

Ghost Dash Screenshot

Ghost Dash Screenshot

25 // MAR // 2016
  • Game is currently in alpha and I’m getting some early feedback from a few players!
  • Levels 1 to 6 are now fully complete pending difficulty balancing
  • We have released a new trailer – check it out below!
  • Plus a few screenshots!
  • On TIGSource? We have a devlog!
  • Submitted game to IndieCade festival!
  • And… the best feedback for the game so far?

I like how they added the mysterious and creepy music along with the funny graphics.

Ghost Dash Screenshot

Ghost Dash Screenshot

Ghost Dash Screenshot

Ghost Dash

Ghost Dash Screenshot

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Monument Valley is Free on App Store

News Update

I don’t often write about other games but for this stunning game I have to make an exception.

It has been on my wish list for a while. It’s painfully beautiful, mesmerizing and magical. The art, soundscapes and physics are just perfect. For me, it’s probably the best game on the App Store.

The award-winning game is now free on the App Store so grab it while you can!