Ghost Dash: Scared Of The Dark – Sneak Preview

Wall West Studio

We have a new game in the pipeline for iOS which is planned for release in early 2016.

Background Story

The main protagonist character is a ghost – George. Unlike other ghosts, George is afraid of the dark and is visible. George must try to escape the looming darkness in this beautiful and scary 2D platform runner. George will face many challenges on his adventure but he will also be armed with some really cool power-ups and special abilities to help him along the way! Can George outrun and beat the darkness? It’s down to you!

Ghost Dash


  • 10 levels to play through to complete the game
  • Unique and fun challenges to overcome in each level
  • Bonus infinite runner level!
  • Collect skulls and unlock power up packages



  • Back From The Grave – revive George from the dead
  • Slowwwwmo – slow down time and space
  • Ghosts Can Jump – increase George’s jumping ability
  • Invisibility Cloak – ghosts are invisible anyway right?
  • Overshield – make George immune to any attack


Stay tuned for more updates on Ghost Dash: Scared Of The Dark.