George: Scared Of The Dark

George: Scared Of The Dark - iOS

By Wall West

George: Scared Of The Dark is a classic platformer adventure that follows George the ghost as he sets out on his quest to battle his fear of the dark across an uncharted, and at times, eerie world.

A ghost who is afraid of the dark? Yikes! Help George conquer his fear in this charming platform game. Overcome 10 challenges, guided by a mysterious spirit and guide George to safety. Jump into the instantly fun game play and watch the story unravel. Discover the lighthouse and find out who lives in the small cottage.

Can you help George before his fear gets the best of him?

JULY 2016

10 procedurally generated levels to play through

Each level is different every time!

3 power-up abilities to master

3 additional characters to unlock

Intuitive touch and swipe controls

Heartwarming story about conquering fears
with a unique ending

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George: Scared Of The Dark

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