Ghost Dash: Scared Of The Dark

Ghost Dash: Scared Of The Dark - iOS

By Wall West

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Ghost Dash: Scared Of The Dark is a classic platform adventure game that follows George as he sets out on his quest across an uncharted, and at times, eerie world.

Unlike other ghosts, George is afraid of the dark! He must overcome 10 challenges, guided by a mysterious spirit, in order to conquer his fears once and for all. Jump into the instantly fun game play and watch the story unravel. Discover the lighthouse and find out who lives in the small cottage.

Join George on his epic adventure and help him overcome his fears!



Journey alone across the calm, tranquil sea


Look darkness in the eye and conquer it


Step through the valley and get to the lighthouse


Be tested with deadly weapons!


Find the key and open the door...

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Ghost Dash: Scared Of The Dark