George: Scared Of The Dark

George: Scared Of The Dark - iOS

By Wall West

Out now exclusively on iOS!

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As FEATURED in over 150 countries!

"The best platformer on mobile?"

- PocketGamer

"Buy George: Scared of the Dark. I dare you."

- Snappzilla

"In a scary way it's kinda like Guitar Hero!"

- Review Fix

"Charming visuals... with some brutal difficultly"

- Pookybox

"You’re gonna die a lot"

- HeyPoorPlayer

"Doesn’t leave much room to breathe"

- Bit Cultures

"A lot more challenging than it looks"

- Gamemob

"This is a challenging platformer — even by console standards"

- Invision Community

"An ending you will never expect"

- Fanboynation

"Surprisingly difficult"


"We could say it’s do or die…"

- Gaming Cypher

"There is no easy mode"

- Fangirlnation


- Horror World

"Delivers a spooky adventure!"

- Bio Game Girl

"Challenging, fun, with a captivating plot"

- Download3K

"Addictive due to it’s relatively unforgiving difficult"

- GameReviewsAU

"Overall: 8/10"

- Squackle

"You won’t be disappointed."

- TheAppTimes

"New and original gameplay experience"

- iPhoneItalia

"One of the most enjoyable indie games this season"

- Game Princess

Download on the App Store

Help George conquer his fears in this charming but difficult game. Overcome 10 hardcore challenges. Jump into the instantly fun gameplay and watch the story unravel. Discover the lighthouse and find out who lives in the small cottage.

Join George as he sets out on his quest across an uncharted, and at times, eerie world.

Test your skills to the max across 10 levels

Each level is different every single time!

Master 3 power-up abilities

Unlock 3 additional characters

Intuitive touch and swipe controls

A real mashup of cute but difficult,
beautiful but spooky!

Make no mistake, despite its cute appearance, this is a challenging game.
There is no easy mode. It's do or die. You have been warned...

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George: Scared Of The Dark

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